Friday, May 18, 2012

The material for fly rod

The Rod is used for fly fishing is specially designed. The selection of fly rod should be based on need. There are many options such as fly rod by rod length, type of action and the material for fly rod. Based on the type of material there are three types of fly rods, namely (1) Graphite: The most popular fly rods today are made from Graphite. There are many types of graphite materials, so not all the same quality graphite rods. This artificial material is always evolving quality, usually a lighter for the same power. Light made from graphite fly rod is inversely proportional to the increasingly heavy price. (2) Bamboo fly rod material is the oldest and still manufactured today. Well-known is the origin of Tonkin bamboo. Bamboo rod action is slow and requires a more thorough treatment of other artificially made fishing rod. The fly rod made of bamboo is the most expensive rod. The last is a Fiberglas material: the cheapest is at once the strongest rod. It's just heavier, so that people began to be abandoned. There are many brands of fly rods, each offering a wide selection of MEK. Do the wrong choice, choose a fly rod is based on your needs. The main thing you should do is first try before you buy a fly rod. You can buy a variety of brands such as Sage fly rod fly rods, Redington fly rods, Winston fly rods, Hardy fly rods, greys fly rodstfo fly rods and even bamboo fly rods. You can get the popular brand of fly rod by online at is an online retailer of fly fishing gear. not only provide the kinds of fly rods but also fly reels, fly lines, leaders, tippet, waders, boots, outerwear, flies, tying kits, tying tools, bags, storage cases etc.

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